What Lessons Can SAA Learn From Ethiopian Airlines?

Dr Greg Mills spoke with Cape Talk about South African Airlines and what they can learn from their Ethiopian counterpart.

South African Airways troubles look to be far from over as the airline reports record losses over the last financial year.

Latest figures reveal SAA’s net loss of R5.7bn for 2017-18 as being considerably worse than the R2.9bn budgeted.

So where to from here?

Dr Greg Mills at the Brenthurst Foundation recently took a trip the Ethiopian capital and says SAA could take a leaf or two out of Ethiopian Airlines book.

The first thing that struck me was an incredibly modest headquarters just outside Addis Ababa's airport and this, I think, gives you an idea of where they're placing their resources.

— Dr Greg Mills, director Brenthurst Foundation

They have a plan. They are very cost conscious, they're keeping costs down all the time, their focus is on maintaining credit-worthiness.

— Dr Greg Mills, director Brenthurst Foundation

You can listen to the full interview here.

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